I’m still on the ReBooWee plan, reading a book a week. I was juggling a couple of books last week, maybe it’s a compulsion of sorts, but I get energized by keeping a string of books going. I am halfway through Sam Keen’s Sightings, a spiritual reflection on the nature of birding. Then, I got started on Jasper Fforde’s incredibly wild-ride Thursday Next series which reads like the James Bond 007 series, except with a literary twist, and with some time travel, and other supernatural elements thrown in for good measure. I’m hooked on this series now and just picked up the next two in the series. I can’t wait to start reading them! Before I start the next two in the series though, I needed to balance my fiction reading with non-fiction, so I went back to nature to read Katie Lee’s story about the Colorado River in her memoir All My Rivers Are Gone. She writes about the Glen Canyon before it was dammed and she retains stories from the old timers of the area. Beautifully told with her folksy tone and a reflection of her life as a folk singer, she brings the river and the canyon walls alive, filled with colorful stories, legends and memories. Reading her story is a good precursor for an upcoming backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon, down to the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers, via the Tanner and Beamer Trails. We’ve had our eye on the Tanner Trail for over 5 years now (how does time slip away so quickly?!).  More on that probably later unless my reading outpaces my blogging. Or maybe my hiking will outpace my blogging – I’ll always be reading, even on the eves of a backpack trip, resting in camp.


Iceland landscape

Iceland landscape

Recently, I finished the audiobook version of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth read by British actor Simon Prebble. This Victorian classic is formed on the basis of geology, mineralogy, adventure travel, Icelandic volcanoes, and a fantastically imaginative story. How I enjoyed listening to this! I felt like I was in the theatre for 9 hours (I have not seen the movie versions of Journey to the Center of the Earth). I have an interest and fascination with Iceland (who wouldn’t?) and this book was a perfect segue into trip planning for a future trip to Iceland to honor my Nordic ancestry and also to trek across that beautiful country.

Here’s a list of titles on Iceland that I’m hoping to read in the next 5 months. If you have suggestions for other titles on the history of Iceland, or its sagas, or any suggestions on guidebooks, please let me know. I’d also like to find a book on Iceland plants and animals, especially wildflowers and birds.

Happy Reading, Hiking, and Adventure Traveling!

Lonely Planet Tramping in New Zealand (Paperback)

by Jim Dufresne (Author)