I have always been a history buff and enjoyed reading history books, taking history classes, and watching historical movies and documentaries. My interest in history has been renewed even more of late, for a couple of reasons:

1. Knowing our history helps the present and future to make wise decisions.

2. Everything is connected. Knowing the forces at work in the past help to make the connections and close the missing gaps in time.

3. Inquisitive minds want to know…. I want to know what my ancestors did before me and how they did it. When you stop and think how relatively recent the Industrial Revolution began, it’s shocking to see how far we’ve come and to realize there’s so much more ahead.

4. I also am fascinated by early pioneers and homesteaders and am particularly interested in ranch history and history of the west. The will power, stamina, survival, strength and courage of early ancestors is particularly appealing, as life then was different and their hardships were of a different breed.

5. Along with that, I am interested in food history, including knowing how the people of the past gathered, harvested and cultivated all their food sources.

6. I just finished reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy and that has compelled me to think and philosophize more about the history as we continue on into the future. The Road brought about many challenging emotions for me and I am still dealing with the elements of desolation, fear, and gleams of hope that this book contained. Extremely well written, it felt like the story was in my head, running through my thoughts, and in my dreams. Were their dreams my dreams? Anyway, this book compelled me to know the world’s history and the lives of people – both famous and ordinary – just a little better.

I am planning to compile a list of books for world history, Medieval history, Renaissance history, US history, history of the west, and food and herbal histories.  This list will make up the bulk of my winter reading this year. Feel free to post title suggestions on this blog and help me and others learn. Thanks!