Last Sunday, I enjoyed visiting the CSU Libraries and wandering the stacks for a few titles that I was seeking for a writing project. I also love browsing the stacks and found myself in the Current Aware section on the 3rd floor. I was looking for travel books, particularly on Iceland (a future post coming; please send me any book titles on Iceland trekking and travel) and then scooted over to the fiction and literature area and just browsed. I was about to give up, not finding a title that interested me, when I saw the spine for The Glass Harmonica by Louise Marley. I read the synopsis, a dual story set in the past and the future, with the central theme as the music of the glass harmonica, and a subplot of medicine and music therapy. I was hooked, checked out the book and started reading it Sunday night. I just finished the book and have chills!  This was a fascinating and lovely book! I also just bought an MP3 album of the Music for Glass Harmonica.

The Glass Harmonica was a perfect follow-up to the last book I read, Audrey Niffenegger’s Her Fearful Symmetry, which had similar themes: lead characters were twins, love story, the arts, set in dual locations with London as a shared location; and both books were historical and educational novels.

Not knowing much about the glass harmonica, I am now completely fascinated, both by the history of the instrument, the sounds it is capable of, and the possibilities of new music with the preservation of old music for this instrument. The book explored the old music for the Glass Harmonica, particularly Celtic music of the 1600’s-1700’s and also moved into the Baroque period with Bach, Haydn and Handel. The book held the themes of music history, music education, music neurology and medical applications, and music therapy, all wrapped around a novel with an ending that made my heart smile. For a visual and auditory tour of the glass harmonica visit The Glass Armonica page and be sure to see the videos.

The author has several other books and also a nice question & answer section on her website. She is a musician and writer and her genre is science fiction. I’m planning to read more by Louise Marley as her formula of music and science fiction is one of my ideal genres.  It feels like opening a present when you find an author that speaks to your soul! Happy Reading!