A Colorado Rockies Fall

A Walk down a path
A Deepening chill around me
The Wind has a sharper edge
The Sun a dimmer angle with vibrantly faded edges
The Rustle of leaves, about to fall from their limbs
Pines in their green year-round glory provide the background
Golden aspens framing a grand hallway on both sides
The Leaves falling to the ground just as rose petals fall at a wedding ceremony
I am marrying Nature. I am married to Nature.
The Sun glints diamonds for my ring from the cold pond
Where the fish jump with glee catching the last of the season’s insects
Before the fish bury themselves in the deep dark mud to bear down through the winter
A chitter chatter of birds, squirrels and chipmunks as they ready themselves
For the coming of winter….

By Sarah E. Myers
September 21, 2009