So I was asked how many books I read in 2007. I honestly did not count this year (but I will in 2008). My best estimate is between 52-75 books. That does not count all the newspapers and magazines I also read. Nor all the book reviews I read. Nor does it include the audio books I’ve listened to (which are probably 15-20 per year). Those don’t seem like that huge of numbers though. I know a lady who reads 7-9 books per WEEK! Astounding! She doesn’t have television and neither do I. I’m happier that way. I still have a TV set to watch movies on (1-2 per week) but I have not had access to television shows for 5 or more years now. I’ve lost count because it truly does not matter and I certainly do not miss television at all. No reason to count what I don’t miss. Plus, you can get news from the internet and newspapers without all the hype and acting of TV news. Just watch CNN. The newscasters all look like Pamela Anderson with fake hair, chins, teeth, and lips, etc. They all look alike. It’s pretty scary. Well, enough of my rant for now. Off to read yet another book! Oh, and I picked up a book on tape on how to speed read. Yippee! 🙂

Happy Reading!