We recently started a subscription to High Country News, based out of Paonia (Spanish for peony, one of my favorite flowers), Colorado. Everyone in CO and the West should read HCN. It delivers well written and researched news. In reading this past issue (Oct. 15, 2007, vol. 39, no. 18), I was struck by how many local and state battles we are up against. This issue contained a short article about the proposed military training ground in SE CO and took a personal look at 5 individuals who make SE CO their homes. These people are not about to give up their lands to the government needlessly. See www.pinyoncanyon.com for more on their fight to prevent eminant domain from taking their hard-earned lands! The country of SE CO is stark, yet absolutely powerful in the waving of grasses, the buttes, the canyons, the pinyons and junipers, the wildlife, the people, and the history, including historic uses by Native Americans and the Santa Fe trail. These grounds are richer in historic traces of the past than most people are aware of. Isn’t that the case though, history is right before our noses so much of the time. If only we could take home the stories and messages of the past and take it to heart.

Other very local concerns include the uranium mine proposal in Nunn, CO (these power-and-money hungry mongers have no care or concern for the water sources/aquifers/health of the region!), the Glade Reservoir proposal to dam (damn) the Poudre River, a “Wild and Scenic River,” and of concern to Red Feather Lakes residents, a proposal to put a communications tower (and very likely other radio/cell phone towers) on top of Middle Bald Mountain, the only stalwart patch of tundra we have! More information on all these proposals are on the Mummy Range Institue website at http://mummyrangeinstitute.org/.

There are also other strange water and mineral as well as land swap “deals” going on in our area. Water pipes leading from the Poudre, across Bellvue, LaPorte, Wellington, and out east to “feed” a growing population in Weld County. Why o why can’t growth in the west be responsible and why is there such a huge demand for dwindling resources across this whole country? When we lived in Flagstaff, the first thing I was were old water, creek, and streamways that had NO water running through. Then, I noticed all kinds of pipes running from the San Francisco Peaks, capturing all the free-flowing water to deliver to the water projects supplying the monstrous populations in South and Central AZ. It was odd and felt like a movie set, or some future scene of a water-less landscape.

We have to remain vigilant and aware of these so-called projects. And of course, main stream media does not report on these surreptitious projects. That’s why I read High Country News, Mother Earth News, and the Utne Reader, as well as The Sun. I need unfiltered, raw news and writing. I ask us all, don’t let the main stream media spoon-feed us. We have to seek out information for what it is and find the truth.

Okay, so that’s it for my little rant on this cold and snowy Sunday evening. Wishing everyone hope and peace.