Tears were streaming down my face around midnight. I was half way through the book, “All But My Life” by Gerda Weissman Klein when I read the gripping section on the disbursement of her family. Her parents were torn away from her; first her father, then her mother. Gerda writes with riveting details about her experince in concentration camps during WWII. More than I can write in this blog, I was left with deep impressions of the oppressive regime and horrific war crimes that Gerda and other Jews experienced. What the Jewish people experienced is beyond words, and yet Gerda writes with strength, courage, and conviction and tells her story. She portrays an innocence and a deep inner peace. She gave courage and strength to her friends contained in the camp, while weaving the story of the man who loved her in her youth. She writes with great joy upon finding the man (the man of her dreams who actually was in her dreams!) who helped her after the war and officially became  her husband shortly thereafter. The true-life love story was an inspiration in itself. I highly recommend this book. Emotions to expect: grief, sadness, anger, love, joy and hope.