I admit it, I’m hooked on author Lisa See’s books. “Peony in Love” is one of my top reads for 2007. Just like in “Snowflower and the Secret Fan,” I could not put this book down. Just like the “hungry ghost” I was hungry for more of this book. Near the end, I was saddened that this extremely well-written book was coming to the end. Complete with all the feelings of a woman, needs for desires, longing, wish for beauty, and ultimately the desire to be loved, this historical novel transports the reader into the Song and Ming dynasties of China. The reality of foot binding practices, the traditions of a woman’s beauty and “place,” and power in families was described so well, I felt I experienced it too. I was delivered into the story and traveled on the backs of the characters. I breathed when they breathed, I saw the same colors they saw, I felt the pain, agony, and ecstasy of the characters. Only a book this well done can deliver this so well. Again, Lisa See shines in her storytelling. Visit the author’s website at http://www.lisasee.com/. Highly Recommended!